• Vehicle Unlock
  • Remove and Replacement
    of Broken Keys
  • Key Makes
  • Key Replacement
  • Key Duplication
  • Trunk Unlock
  • Ignition Repair and Installation
People rely on their vehicles for more than just a way to get to work. When you can’t get where you need to go because you are locked out of your vehicle, or because you have a broken key, ignition, or door lock, get in touch. We’re happy to come help as soon as we can and get you safely moving again!



We specialize in unlocking any and all cars. We pride ourselves on getting into any vehicle and will use the correct tool for your specific car. Our locksmith is also knowledgeable about trunk locks. We understand that not all cars have a trunk release, and we can even help if your trunk release is broken! Our locksmith is capable of getting into trunks by picking the lock.